A downloadable game for Windows

My submition for the Grads in Games VFX competition. the demonic spell allows you to reach into your own heart and manifest your life force as a tribute to a demonic master. Offering this tribute will grant you power ... but at such a cost!

Made in Unreal Engine 4 with assets from Maya, Blender and Photoshop. I made this as a VFX project but it quickly became as much about animation and blueprints as it did about particle effects and materials.

Hope you enjoy

Install instructions

For the build of the project - unzip the "GiG - Demonic Tribute Spell" folder and run the "GiGVFX.exe"

For the Unreal Project File - unzip the "GiGVFX" folder and open the "GiGVFX.uproject"


GiG - Demonic Tribute Spell.zip 157 MB
GiGVFX.zip 676 MB
GiG Documentation - Harry Williams.pdf 710 kB


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This is insanely cool dude. love the colours and the timings on it all. did you do the animations as well? the printing to a ui canvas is a whole step above and beyond, thoroughly blow away by this effect. Good luck in the contest I feel like your going to do well in it with a submission so strong :D 

Oh thanks man! I did do the animations myself, there is a little mismatch when the demon arm grabs the tribute that i didnt catch before submition  but overall Im very happy with this :)

thats amazing bud. so many different skills on display here!